Coming Soon!

We're currently working hard on an upgrade. We will be releasing a brand new website with tons of new features very soon. We've created a community poll on which features are important/most wanted. We care what you guys think, so please help Esports Wall be just like what you want it to be here: POLL.

Some of the new features are listed below.


In seasons you can compete for the #1 spot over a large group of tournaments, with your team, or alone. There will be a grande finale per season for epic prizes and fame! Dominate and earn yourself a fancy title to show off.


Are you an organization that owns multiple teams, with different rosters, across different games? Worry not, we have created just what you need to manage, improve and grow your organization.


We know how many of you feel like a champ, so finally, here is your chance to prove it to the world. Not only will you be the king of kings, but also will you be rewarded greatly for your efforts!

Prize Shop

Esports Wall will ALWAYS remain free to use for anyone. We promise a 100% play-to-win experience, even when it comes to recieving amazing prizes. Redeem gaming gear and other awesome stuff in our shop simply by competing!