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Posted by: Remav1c at 2017-08-23 10:19

After our announcement about the WESG, you surely have some questions. You can find a detailed explanation per game and find some official links aswell to help you get all the info you need!


Game Official Link Official qualifier tournament page Total prize pool and prizes at Firstlook Festival
CS:GO $4.000,- Total cash prize pool. Top 1 advance to EU final in Madrid
Dota 2 $4.000,- Total cash prize pool. Top 1 advance to EU final in Madrid
Hearthstone $1.000,- Total cash prize pool. Top 2 advance to EU final in Madrid
Starcraft II $1.000,- Total cash prize pool. Top 1 advance to EU final in Madrid

Prizepool distribution

CS:GO + Dota 2 = First place $3.000,- Second place $1.000,-

Hearthstone + Starcraft II = First place $700,- Second place $300,-

So, how does this work exactly? Let’s have a look:

At Esportswall, you can participate in online qualifiers for all four games. Participating is completely FREE and open for everyone who lives in The Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg. It’s totally fine if your team is made up out of more than one nationality, but everyone in the team has to be from the BeNeLux!


If you are the winner of the event you participated in at Esportswall, you will be directly qualified to participate in the offline qualifiers at Firstlook Festival 2017, on the 7th of October. For detailed information about when you are qualified for the Firstlook Festival tournaments, see the tournament's "Rules" page. You will be playing not only for an amazing cash prize (see the table above), but also for a ticket to the official offline European final in Barcelona. At the EU final, you will be playing for even more cash prizes and, maybe the most important thing, a ticket the world final! Read more about the EU finals here.



- If you have won an online qualifier event, you can't play in another online qualifier event for the same game

- You can only participate if you can play in the offline Firstlook Festival qualifiers, on the 7th of October

- Qualifiers are only for BeNeLux players

For further rules about prizing, qualifying and in-game rules, check out the tournament's "rules "page. The rules there are binding!


Travel costs

Esportswall wil NOT cover your travel- and accommodation costs to the offline qualifiers at Firstlook Festival 2017 in Utrecht. On the other hand, your travel- and accommodation costs to the final in Barcelona WILL be covered.


Special women’s competition

The WESG is also organizing a special woman’s competition for CS:GO and Hearthstone. These are organized by WESG and can be found on the official website for CS:GO and Hearthstone.

We are very happy to organize the qualifiers and be part of an amazing event. We hope you are now well informed! Have any more questions? Please reach out to our @Staff in our Discord Channel or shoot us a message at Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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